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There was a story that my grandfather and father often told me, of a waterfall in Sligo that went upwards! I came across it in 1987, just along from the famous Yeats’ waterfall at Glencar. In certain wind conditions the water plunges over the edge, only to be blasted back up again by the force of the  wind. As you can see the wall is bone dry.
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Killenummery parish has its own detailed website, with sections on St. Joseph’s National School, St. Mary’s Church, Carrowcrin cemetery and the Mass rock at Tullynascreena, plus all the latest parish bulletins. Well worth a visit.
Fr. Mychal Judge became a hero and a saintly figure the world over after he was killed giving the Last Rites to people in New York’s Twin towers. the photo of him being carried from the debris by his colleagues in the NY fire service is one of the most iconic images ever taken, and the picture has been dubbed “The American Pieta.” Although not a direct relative, Fr. Mychal’s family were from Leitrim, his mother hailing from Drumkeerin. Calls for Mychal to be
canonised have come from far and wide, with two miracles already being attributed to his intercession.
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I’d always thought that the old family story that a relative won an Olympic medal was just a myth, but it turns out to be true! He was a cousin of my grandmother’s called Jimmy Duffy, who found fame as a marathon runner in Canada, and was killed at Ypres in 1915.
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This is the Kelly homeplace in Corglancy. The family has lived here since the 1950s, and previously at another cottage nearby. I’m trying to piece together a map of all the families in the Corglancy area. If you have any details of household names and an exact location for their dwelling - past or present, go to this page for to see a map with grid references and latest information.
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Not actually a Kelly matter at all, but this old memorial cross on the Dromahair road out of Sligo, near Slish Wood on the shores of Lough Gill, was the subject of many a tale over the fireside at Corglancy. Can anyone give me details of the event? The Cross - which is now sadly lost - reads:

Killed in ambush ?? July 1922. Vol. J. Sweeny, Comdt P. O’Ceallahan, Capt Sean Adair, Segt J. O’Farrell RIP
UPDATE: On 14th Nov 2004 I received the following from the great neice of one of the men killed:

“We’re sorry to hear the cross is no longer there. We visited it in the 1970s and it was still in good condition. We’re not sure when the cross was erected.The ambush happened around daybreak on Thursday 13 July 1922. A National Forces armoured car (named ‘Ballinalee’) left Markree Castle for Sligo. When they reached a place on the road known as ‘Dooney Wood’ they found it was blocked and that's when they were ambushed by the Republicans. Three of the National Forces men, O'Callaghan,Farrell and Adair were killed at the scene. Sweeney was taken to hospital with several other wounded men but later died. Their funerals took place the following day (Friday). Sweeney was from James St. Sligo and Farrell was from Longford. Sean Adair was originally from Lisburn Co Antrim before going to Glasgow and then Sligo. We think the army barracks (now the Garda Station) in Sligo was named after him for a time. Hope this is of interest to you.”

Many thanks, Siobhan!
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